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What are the things you do each day that you'd rather forget?

Chad & Jason explore common pain points for knowledge workers, and track down the people & tools necessary to automate trivial to-do's.

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S01E06 | For When You Need To Be Alone

Never have to say, "Go away, I'm in a meeting" again! On this episode, we take some LED lights and turn them red when we don't want to be bothered - all automatically.

S01E05 | For When You Need To Send Data Somewhere

The internet. It's all around us. Today, we pull back the curtain on how to connect data through APIs. The thing that makes the thing you put into one thing, go into t...

S01E04 | For When You Have An Important Email

Ever receive an email and wish it automatically did a thing? Maybe combine the email body and attachments into one PDF or kick off an internal process. On today's epis...

S01E03 | For When Someone Uses The Word NoCode

Nocode is a silly word. It gets the point across, sort of, but why is it a term we should care about? What's the real win here and why should you care? We cover that a...

S01E02 | For When You Want Them To Feel Appreciated

How often do you make time for handwritten letters? On today's episode, we dive into the science of creating, approving and mailing real handwritten cards (without eve...

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