Welcome to AutomationTown! A podcast about regular people, building automations for the problems we all share.

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What are the things you do each day that you'd rather forget?

Chad & Jason explore common pain points for knowledge workers, and track down the people & tools necessary to automate trivial to-do's.

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S03E10 | For When The App Won’t Integrate

It all just hit the fan in AutomationTown. Jake McCringleberry got something into the water supply and, well, it’s a zombie episode. We’ve got zombies. But we’ve also ...

S03E09 | For When You Need to Crunch Some Numbers

Well it’s happening again. What’s Jake McCringleberry up to now with this water pipeline that connects the two towns? This feels an awful lot like a build-up to a dram...

S03E08 | For When You Need A Webhook

This week, who’s the man behind the madness, Jake McCringleberry? There’s two sides to every coin, and Chad & Jake will meet for the first time. And we’re talking WEBH...

S03E07 | For When You Freelance

Oh it’s all happening now! Cue the montage! Paul & Amelia, it’s officially a thing.Chad’s elected mayor of AutomationTown, and.. how do you.. sell an automation? We ta...

S03E06 | For When You Need an Assistant

It’s happening! Chad’s running for mayor of AutomationTown! Not only that, he’s going to automate running for office. This can only end well. And do you ChatGPT? Of c...

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