Welcome to AutomationTown! A podcast about regular people, building automations for the problems we all share.

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What are the things you do each day that you'd rather forget?

Chad & Jason explore common pain points for knowledge workers, and track down the people & tools necessary to automate trivial to-do's.

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S03E00 | Season 3 Trailer

Chad, Jason and the fine people of AutomationTown return for a third season of fun, drama and education. New characters, new storylines, and new ideas to go about your...

S02E10 | For When You Need to Keep A Secret

On the season finale of AutomationTown, we’re talking about secrets! How can you keep your messages away from prying eyes, emails away from those who mean you harm, an...

S02E09 | For When You Need Security

This week, we’re talking security! How do we ensure our data is safe and secure when it’s bouncing around the Interverse? How do we automate responsibly, and know wher...

S02E08 | For When You Need An Airtable

This week we’re talking about databases! Specifically Airtable, how we use it to enable automation, and why it’s one of the fastest-growing automation tools on the mar...

S02E07 | For When You Hire An Expert

What do you do when it all hits the fan? Today, disaster strikes in AutomationTown. We talk through how to hire an expert when things break, or just…when you want to ...

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