Welcome to AutomationTown! A podcast about regular people, building automations for the problems we all share.

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What are the things you do each day that you'd rather forget?

Chad & Jason explore common pain points for knowledge workers, and track down the people & tools necessary to automate trivial to-do's.

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S03E05 | For When You Can’t Find the Perfect App

This week the most talked about love story of the year takes a new twist, and app builders! It’s one thing to connect the apps you already use with automation… but to...

S03E04 | For When You Automate Your Small Business

Automation in small businesses is like the… peanut butter and jelly of.. automation.. applications. This week, special guest Mitchell Baldridge shares how he automates...

S03E03 | For When AI Takes Over

You ever think about whether this is all just, a simulation? This week the boys give up RV life to get back to.. something closer to normal, and we’re talking AI! What...

S03E02 | For When You Need Them To Hear You

The boys are on the run. They go into hiding in Chad’s RV, work out how to get back at the evil powers that be, and… Podcasts! Do you ever listen to podcasts? Of co...

S03E01 | For When You Waste Time on Email

Trapped beneath the rubble of the Grumley center, Chad, Jason, Paul & Amelia bumble through AutomationTown’s abandoned subway tunnels in search of answers. This wee...

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