S02E05 | For When You Need A QR Code

Look to your right. Now look to your left. This week we’re talking QR codes. How to make ‘em, where to use ‘em, what they’re good at and what they’re bad at. Are these little guys something we should have in our automation toolbelts? Also we automate a litter box and the Mayor of Manualsberg hacks AutomationShow.
Okay okay okay hear me out: printing automation. No come back, it’ll be good, I swear.

Instead of covering something people want to talk about, Chad & Jason cover printers, and how to build them into your cloud Zapier or Make workflows. Why is that a thing that exists? Why is it a tool you should still have in your toolbelt? Why are you 5 sentences deep into a podcast episode description?

The boys also meet Buzz McTompkins, the head of 104.3 TheBuzz, Stuart from Radio Shack calls in with another embarrassing question and we automate a preschool.

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S02E05 | For When You Need A QR Code
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